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English & Spanish Program!

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   A Minnesota Day Care, Child Care, Preschool, and Education Center

We Teach Children to Become Strong Individual Learners

Our Five Core Areas:

 * Social Interaction

* Emotional Development

* Physical Strength

* Academic Growth

* Health & Well-Being


Come discover what Today’s Life Schools & Child Care has to offer!

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Spanish Language Program

At Today’s Life, our toddler, preschool and pre-k groups receive regular instruction and practice in the Spanish language. During regularly scheduled play and circle time activities, our Spanish language teacher converses with children in a natural way. Through play and exploration, children are encouraged to experiment with new sounds, words, and sentences.

When exposed to this rich linguistic environment, your child isn’t just learning a second language, he or she is also developing intellectually.

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Infant Care & Education

We follow a weekly, theme-based curriculum that includes a daily circle time where we sing songs, display pictures, read stories, show flashcards, and more. We also do sign language, art projects, daily sensory activities, baby massage, and many other interactive activities. For the safety of the children, we offer both non-mobile and mobile infant classrooms.

We strive to help your child develop in all areas.

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Toddler Care & Education

Our structured schedule allows children to have the comfort of knowing what to expect from a day at school. We do a daily group time where the children learn new information and practice colors, numbers, letters, and shapes. During this time of academic learning, children are also practicing when to sit quietly, listen to the teacher, take turns, and have patience.

Our classroom is designed for toddlers, ages 16 months to 33 months, to explore, play, learn, and utilize all of their senses.

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Pre-School Program

The classroom environment at Today’s Life & Child Care is set up with a variety of interest areas, all with a changing array of hands-on learning materials and toys. The creativity, confidence, independence, initiative, curiosity, and persistence of your child are supported as they experiment with new content areas that are guided by our weekly theme. As each child makes decisions about what he or she does each day, high-level thinking skills are being practiced and perfected.

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Pre-K Program

As your child approaches kindergarten, it is natural for you to contemplate his or her readiness to meet the joys and challenges of a new academic environment. Our pre-k classroom is both a continuation of our early childhood “play is work” philosophy and an intentional strategy to provide the skills and attitudes necessary for success in school.

Your child experiences social situations that foster teamwork, in addition to participating in joyful interactions that support all areas of early childhood development.

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Quality Care Checklist

Your child is precious! To help you feel confident in your decision, we invite you to compare the quality of our care and educational expertise with other providers you visit.

Click on this link to download our detailed Quality Care Checklist to aid you in
evaluating the best fit for you and your child.

We couldn’t be more happy with Today’s Life!

We are very happy with the care our son has received at Today’s Life in Brooklyn Park. The center is beautiful and feels more like a well-kept home than a school. The staff is very friendly, caring and it is clear that the kids truly enjoy spending their days learning and growing here. We recently moved and after analyzing/touring 13 different daycare centers much closer to our new house, there wasn’t one that came close to the care, curriculum and activities so we are choosing to drive a little bit further to stay with Today’s Life. We could not be more happy with Today’s Life and highly recommend it to families looking for child care!

Lundell Family

Our son has been going to Today’s life since he was six months old. He has a great relationship with each of his main teachers and we appreciate the interest they take in his well being and learning!! He has learned many things from the toddler curriculum already and we are always surprised at what he is absorbing from their teaching, even some Spanish. He especially loves their outdoor area! The Director and Assistant Director are almost always in the classrooms to help out and the teachers do regular check-ins/conferences, which are great. Very much appreciate Today’s life!

Amber B.

I met the director for a tour when I was pregnant and I immediately knew Today’s Life was the place for us! The clean, bright and organized environment is very welcoming. Their passion for kids is evident – everyday my 16 month old daughter is greeted with a smile and a wave from every staff member. They have helped her reach many milestones such as learning sign language, using utensils, eliminating the pacifier, AND drinking out of an open cup! They make sure to spend time outside and they have many fun activities throughout the year. I am very happy to be a part of the Today’s Life family!

Stephanie KL.

The teachers/staff/owners are fantastic.  Our daughter loves coming each day.  The staff is very respectful and accommodating of kids/parents and their needs.  Not to mention they have the best playground out of any daycare in Eden Prairie-they also have an indoor play area for rainy/cold days.  The variety of things the kids get to do is great.  This daycare came highly recommended from our neighbors and we are so glad our daughter attends this school.  I would not consider bringing her to any other daycare. Truly the best!

Brad KN.

Our two children have been attending Today’s Life daycare and we could not be happier! Our three year old son has learned so much in the past seven months. I highly recommend Today’s Life!

Kristi T.

Our son GG loves his school, his teachers, his classmates and learns so much. They do a lot of creative arts and crafts, he brings them home and he is very proud. He looks forward going to school and gets bummed when it’s Saturday.

He is learning to speak, share and play nicely with others.

Jessica H.

Both of my children went to Today’s Life Learning Center from the age of 3 – 4 months all the way through a week before starting Kindergarten. They were both very well prepared for Kindergarten (reading, writing, math and social skills!) and had no problem a djusting to the change. My daughter excelled in math and my son happened to excel with reading. It was a great mix of learning and fun (there are special summer fun activities) which resulted in almost a daily struggle to get them to want to come home at t he end of the day. Tamara and Libby both genuinely care about the kids and it shows. They do a wonderful job at Today’s Life.

Jennifer Schultz

Our two children have been at Today’s Life since they were both 3 months old. Our son is currently in first grade Spanish Immersion and our daughter will be attending Spanish Immersion Kindergarten this Fall . We feel Today’s Life did such a wonderful job of preparing our children for Kindergarten and beyond. Our children learned shapes and colors, letter and number recognition, counting, fine motor skills and reading preparedness. Learning these fundamenta l skills helped to give them confidence and allowed them to focus on learning a new language without feeling overwhelmed. We are confident that our children have the social and academic skills needed to succeed.

It has been a pleasure working with every one at Today’s Life and we will be sad to leave when our daughter goes to Kindergarten. Today’s Life has been the ‘home away from home’ for our children.

The Cornell Family

Our boys each started with Today’s Life child care when they were 3 months old. They absolutely love it there. Most days Landon cries when it’s time to leave! Thank you for providing awesome care for our children and making us so happy we found you.

Jessie M.

Today’s life childcare is a unique place to bring your child to learn, grow, bond and be cared for like family! We have been there almost a year and a half, but wish we had found them sooner!

Vanessa N.

Bravo! My daughter had hard time with our previous provider. From day one, she loved Today’s Life. She still loves being and going there. Thanks guys!

Haida D.

We’ve had an incredibly positive experience at Today’s Life. Both of my children have been attending since they were 3 months old. Today’s Life has a wonderful curriculum and my children are learning so much everyday. The staff is great – very loving and caring; and the facility is always clean. The owners are invested in keeping the center well run and they are responsive to any concerns brought to their attention.

Aubrey C.

Within the first few weeks of being there we saw so much progress in our son’s learning. He loves going to school everyday! The teachers and staff are so great and care for each child like they are their own. We know that he is in great hands every day we drop him off!! I would recommend Today’s Life to anyone!

Allison L.