At Today’s Life Schools & Child Care, we strive to provide a stimulating environment where each child is well cared for, safe, and treasured. We cater to each individual child and their specific needs throughout each milestone in their development.


We provide a classroom that allows preschoolers to be themselves, be creative, use their imaginations, and learn successfully. Our preschool classroom is designed to tailor to the needs of children who are three and four years old.

The classroom environment is set up with a variety of interest areas, all with a changing array of hands-on learning materials and toys. The creativity, confidence, independence, initiative, curiosity, and persistence of your child are supported as they experiment with new content areas that are guided by our weekly theme. As your child makes decisions about what he or she does each day, high-level thinking skills are being practiced and perfected.

We really get to know each child and his or her learning style so that we can adapt our teaching methods to each individual’s educational needs. We place the children in small groups according to their age, so as to promote learning between children with similar developmental goals. Our childcare providers put a lot of emphasis on reading, writing, math, science, geography, and social studies. We find this works best by focusing on one main topic a day throughout the week.

Our child development teachers consistently teach the children good behavior, to respect one another, and to use nice words. We care for and support each child socially, emotionally, and physically. At Today’s Life, we are constantly encouraging the children by getting on their level and providing them with many opportunities to have fun and do their very best.

Health and Safety

At Today’s Life, we practice a safe ratio of one teacher per 10 students. We care for children who are three to four years old. All of our quality staff members are fingerprinted and must pass a background check every two years. They are also trained in first aid every three years and CPR every two years.

Our child development teachers are always available to help your child develop healthy toileting habits and other self-help skills during the course of the day. To ensure that your child is always in good hands, we follow strict guidelines and practice safe-sleep procedures, in addition to various other safety protocols.

Meals and Snacks

Today’s Life provides a healthy morning snack, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack daily. We work with each Preschooler on their mealtime skills, including eating by themselves, using a spoon, drinking from a cup without a lid, and cleaning up after themselves.

Health and sanitation is very important to us. We maintain a clean environment for the children, which sometimes can be quite the job, as you well know. To achieve our high standard of cleanliness, we wash and scrub our toys and equipment numerous times throughout the day.


You will always know how the day went and what is going on in the room. At Today’s Life, we strive to communicate with you on a daily basis about your child’s progress and what activities we will be doing in the classroom, which is why we will provide you with a report each day. We know that the details of your child’s care are important to you. Beyond our daily parent/teacher communication, we also offer parent/teacher conferences twice a year to talk in-depth about your child’s progress.

Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program is available for children on a daily basis. From Spanish and music to obstacle courses and more, your child will have a wide range of activities and programs to enjoy!

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