Summer Rocks at Today’s Life!

Summer Child Care Program

One of our absolute favorite things to do at Today’s Life Schools & Child Care is combining learning with fun, and the summer months are a prime time to do just that. Your child will love our selection of summer adventures and activities, in addition to their regularly scheduled curriculum.

From mid-June through the start of the new school year, we provide a multitude of in-house field trips (on the school’s premises for safety). From clowns and reptiles to community helpers and Bruce the Bug Guy, our visitors will delight your child with compelling facts and hands-on experiences. On days without visitors, your child is invited to participate in activities such as dress-up days, water games, cooking, picnics, music, and, every once in a while, a cold treat on a hot day.

Check out our 2018 Brooklyn Park Summer Fun Schedule

Check out our 2018 Eden Prairie Summer Fun Schedule

Summer is a lively time at Today’s Life. Your child will have a blast and might even enjoy it as much as our staff. Register your child for Today’s Life Schools & Child Care summer fun program by contacting us today!

What are the benefits of summer child care programs for children?

Summer child care programs offer children a safe and structured environment, socialization opportunities with peers, skill-building activities, exposure to new experiences and development of independence, and relief for working parents during summer break. Summer programs can also foster creativity and academic readiness for the next school year. In addition, summer programs can provide children with a sense of community and belonging.

What are the benefits of summer child care programs for working parents?

Summer child care programs provide working parents with peace of mind and flexibility during the summer break. Our service offers children a safe and structured environment while their parents are at work. We provide children with engaging activities and experiences, and help develop independence, socialization skills and academic readiness. Summer programs can also alleviate the stress of finding and coordinating alternative care arrangements for working parents, allowing them to balance work and family responsibilities more effectively.

How can summer child care programs help children stay active and engaged during the summer months?

Summer child care programs can keep children's minds active, helping prevent summer learning loss and preparing them for the next school year. By keeping children engaged, active and learning, summer child care programs can provide a well-rounded summer experience.

How can summer child care programs help children prepare for the next school year?

Our program offers structured activities that help children maintain academic and social skills. These programs also provide opportunities for children to explore new interests and make new friends, building their confidence and independence. Additionally, we offer educational enrichment and skill-building activities, such as reading programs, which can help children build a strong foundation for the next school year.

How can summer child care programs help children make new friends?

Through structured activities, group games and open play, children will learn important social skills like communication and teamwork. The presence of a caring and supportive adult will foster a safe and inclusive environment for children to build relationships and form new friendships.

What is the staff-to-child ratio and qualifications of the caregivers?

Infants 4-1, toddlers 7-1, preschool and pre-k 10-1. All lead teachers and assistant teachers must have post-secondary education or a CDA with experience to be qualified in their position.

Is there a focus on educational or skill-building activities?

We focus on educational, emotional and social development daily in our teachings.

How is the program structured, and what is the daily schedule?

Each classroom has their own daily schedule. It remains the same daily offering math, science, art, phonics, handwriting and free choice.

Are meals and snacks provided, and what is the menu?

Yes, morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided. The menu is child friendly and changes monthly.

What is the program's policy on discipline and behavior management?

We redirect negative behaviors and help the children find a positive way to move forward.

What is the program's health and safety protocol?

We follow state required illness guideline. Also, all our staff are trained in CPR/First Aid/ AHT and SUID.

How are special needs or accommodations addressed?

This is managed on an individual basis depending on the needs of the child.

What is the program's cancellation or refund policy?

We ask for a two week notice to make any changes to your schedule.

How does the program communicate with parents about their child's day and experiences?

We use Daily Connect, an app that delivers real-time updates to families. Beyond the app, we personally speak with families at drop off and pick up, at conferences and phone calls when needed.