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The Benefits Of A Summer Enrichment Program

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Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what your child will do once school is no longer in session. If you are a working parent, there are many options and ways to entertain your child during the summer months without disrupting your work schedule. One great option is a summer program through Today’s Life Schools & Child Care! At our childcare center, we love to combine learning with having fun, and our summer programs are a great way to do that! Not only will we give your child a solid, educational foundation, but we also have a variety of in-house field trips for everyone to enjoy! Learn more about our summer enrichment programs and sign up today!

Learning during the summer doesn’t sound like fun, and you may be worried that your child will be opposed to a summer learning program. In today’s post, we will take a look at a few of the benefits that are associated with attending a summer program as opposed to sitting at home. Continue reading below and be sure to check out the program offered by Today’s Life Schools & Child Care!

Promote Cognitive Development

The majority of the year, your child goes to school or daycare where he or she learns valuable life skills and is constantly improving his or her cognitive development. When the summer months roll around, they are no longer receiving that brain stimulation, which as a result, can lead to summer learning loss. Studies have shown that kids who don’t keep up with academics when school is no longer in session will lose as much as three months of basic skills. It’s no wonder that teachers spend the first few weeks of school reteaching what students learned the previous year.

As part of our summer enrichment program at Today’s Life, your child will continue to build on his or her educational foundation. We strive to make learning fun and to incorporate lessons with fun games and activities. Your child will have so much fun, he or she will never know that they are actually learning!

Develop Social Skillskids avoid getting sick

During the school year, your child has many opportunities to socialize with other children, however, that may not always be the case once school is no longer in session. When children are bored, they tend to turn to mobile devices or television in order to find stimulation. While this solution may cure the boredom, it does nothing to help develop social skills.

If you enroll your child in a summer enrichment program, he or she will have ample opportunities to socialize with other children of the same age! Instead of wasting hours in front of a screen, your child will spend time learning, participating in field trips, and getting to experience new things with other children.

Encourage Physical Activity

It’s no question that young children need to be up and moving at what seems to be all hours of the day. Summertime brings warm weather and endless opportunities to move, dance, and play. In our summer enrichment program, we take advantage of the warm weather and use it as an excuse to have activities outside and to give your child plenty of time to get rid of his or her endless energy.

At Today’s Life Schools & Child Care, we promote learning and cognitive development in a fun way. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our summer program, contact us today! We look forward to working with your child soon.