The Benefits of Daycare

Daycare and other childcare services are more than just a place where your child can go and play during the day while you are at work; it’s also a helpful resource for working parents, it also provides children with a number of benefits that help to promote their early childhood development. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the benefits that your child may experience from daycare.

At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, our goal is to provide your child with plenty of opportunities to grow. We offer everything from curriculums that are designed around your child’s learning abilities to enrichment programs that give your child the chance to experience new activities. Explore our website to learn more about everything that Today’s Life Schools & Child Care has to offer your little one, and give us a call today to schedule a visit to our center! In the meantime, continue reading below where we discuss a few of the many benefits of enrolling your child in daycare.

Regular Schedule

Similarly to many adults, children enjoy having a schedule that they can count on each day. When you enroll your child in a daycare center, they will follow a schedule that consists of play time, learning, eating, napping, and all of their favorite activities. At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, all of our daily activities are planned in advance and are designed with your child’s learning abilities in mind. As a parent, you will not only have access to your child’s schedule, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that the activities that are offered will help to promote early childhood development.

Interaction With Peers

Parents understand the importance of socializing your child at an early age. Children who are not enrolled in a daycare program may interact with neighborhood children or family members who are of a similar age. However, daycare provides your little one with the opportunity to socialize in a supervised environment. Through the interactions your child will make in daycare, they will learn how to share, empathize with others, use their words, and so much more.

Academic Improvement

Not many people associate a daycare program with learning. After all, younger children can’t sit still for very long, so how are you supposed to teach them anything? The best part about a high-quality daycare center is that many of the teachers have the skills and expertise to incorporate learning into your kiddo’s schedule without them even realizing it. Whether it’s learning shapes and colors through art or counting through a game, your child’s cognitive and academic learning will flourish.

Enroll Your Child in Today’s Life Schools & Child Care

There are numerous benefits to enrolling your child in a daycare program. Hopefully, the few that we have highlighted above will give you the encouragement you need to consider enrolling your child in Today’s Life Schools & Child Care Center in Brooklyn Park. We pride ourselves not only on focusing on academics and early childhood development, but we also work hard to care for your child’s safety and nutrition as if they were our own. If you’re interested in learning more about our qualified teachers or scheduling a visit to our facility, give us a call at Today’s Life Schools & Childcare today!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

When a child reaches a certain age, he or she will start attending school. For some children, starting kindergarten is just the next step because they’ve already spent a few years in a classroom setting. On the other hand, there are many children who have not experienced any sort of educational setting prior to attending kindergarten, meaning that they probably are unprepared for what to expect. Early childhood education is an important step for all children, and in today’s post, we will discuss why more children should have the opportunity to attend an early childhood development center and the importance of an early education.

If you’re a parent looking for a childcare center that you can trust to provide your child with a safe environment and the educational opportunities that they deserve, then you need Today’s Life Schools & Childcare. Our childcare providers create curriculums that are geared toward your child’s learning level, and we also offer enrichment programs that are designed to give your child the opportunity to try new things and discover his or her likes and interests. In addition to our education and enrichment programs, our childcare providers also make sure to take special care with the safety and nutritional needs of your child so that you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands. Browse our website to learn more, and be sure to contact Today’s Life Schools & Childcare to get started today!

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Children learn through new experiences and by watching the behaviors of those around them. The first few years of their lives are when most of this learning takes place, and receiving a formal education will give your child more opportunities to experience new things. In addition to the educational benefits of early childhood education, there are many developmental benefits as well, including:


One of the main benefits of enrolling your child in an early childhood education program is that he or she will be able to socialize with other children in the same age group. If your child spends most of their time at home, there are only a limited number of people that he or she will come into contact with. Unless your child has siblings, there’s a good chance that most of those people he or she meets will be adults or significantly older.

Early childhood education gives your child the opportunity to interact and socialize with other children that are close in age. Your little one will get to meet new people and learn how to make friends, which is a skill that he or she will use for the rest of their life.


Another important part of early childhood education is that children learn how to cooperate and work together within groups. In a classroom setting, the concept of sharing and taking turns is a daily lesson. For some children, this lesson comes easily because they have learned how to share with siblings at home. However, first-born children who may not have the opportunity to learn to share, really benefit from learning how to cooperate. The benefit of early childhood education is that your little one learns these lessons in a safe environment that is closely monitored by a professional childcare provider.

Encourage Lifelong Learning

Children don’t always have the best attention spans, which is why learning has to be fun and exciting in order to be effective. Early childhood educators create lesson plans that are specifically designed to not only captivate the attention of your child, but to also encourage them to love learning. By making learning a positive and enjoyable experience at an early age, your child will be more likely to seek out learning experiences in the future.


One of the most important benefits of early childhood education is that it gives your child confidence. Your little one will experience numerous positive experiences with other children and his or her teachers. Each positive experience will help to encourage your kiddo’s confidence. With a little bit of confidence, your child will feel empowered to try new things and approach situations and problems instead of avoiding them.

Give Your Child the Opportunity to Grow and Learn With Today’s Life

If you want to see your child experience all of the benefits listed above, Today’s Life Schools & Childcare can make it happen. We offer a wide range of enrichment programs as well as educational programs that are geared toward your child’s learning abilities. Help promote your child’s early childhood development by giving him or her the tools they need to succeed. Check out our website to learn more, and contact Today’s Life Schools & Childcare to schedule your visit today!

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

As a parent, it’s important that you present your child with as many opportunities as possible to try new things. At Today’s Life Schools and Childcare, we strive to promote early childhood development through our structured curriculum and variety of extracurricular activities. Whether your child is an infant, getting ready to start kindergarten, or somewhere in between, our teachers create a curriculum that is geared toward your child’s learning abilities. In addition to our normal classes, we also offer enrichment programs to help your child experience new activities. To learn more about our Brooklyn Park location and to schedule a visit, contact Today’s Life Schools and Childcare today!

The enrichment program offered at our childcare center gives your child the opportunity to try things like music, Spanish, obstacle courses, and even yoga! While yoga doesn’t sound like a typical activity for children, there are actually many benefits. In today’s post, we will discuss how your child can benefit from practicing yoga at an early age. If you are interested in learning more about our enrichment program, contact Today’s Life Schools and Childcare today!

Develops Focus and Concentration

If there is one thing you know about children, it’s that they don’t always have the best track record for focusing on a single task for long periods of time. Therefore, you may be wondering how an activity that centers around focus and concentration can be beneficial for children. The truth of the matter is that yoga helps to teach kids how to focus and concentrate. Because the poses require both balance and movement, your child will learn how to focus on staying balanced while also changing positions. The key to yoga is movement. If you ask a child to sit still and focus on a task, it will be next to impossible. However, if you ask a kid to focus on an active movement, you’re more likely to see better results.

Boosts Confidence

The great thing about yoga is that it is geared toward all skill levels. Throughout the session, you will have to perform a variety of poses, but most teachers give you the option to modify the pose to make it easier or harder. When children practice yoga, it teaches them to persevere, keep trying, and to chase after their goals. Finally mastering a pose without any sort of modification gives your child a great sense of accomplishment and a boost of confidence. Another benefit of yoga is that your kiddo will learn to do all of the poses on their own. The instructor can only provide your child with guidance, meaning that your child will perform and master the different poses all on their own!

Promotes Physical Strength

Many people think that yoga is as simple as positioning your body into different poses, but it is much more complicated than that. Yoga involves using your muscles in ways that you never had and controlling your movements. Moving your body in such a way allows you to become more aware of how it moves and how it feels, which is important to understand as a child. Not to mention, using different muscles to control the movements will help your kiddo improve their strength.

At Today’s Life Schools and Childcare, we make it our mission to help promote early childhood development in all of our students, whether it is through learning in the classroom or trying new activities like yoga in our enrichment program. Browse our website to learn more and contact Today’s Life Schools and Childcare to set up an appointment to visit our Brooklyn Park location today!

Ways to Keep Your Child Active During the Summer

There’s no question that the summer months are every kid’s favorite time of year. For a kid, there’s nothing better than waking up whenever you want and having the whole day to do whatever you want. Unfortunately, most children choose to spend this free time sitting in front of the TV. In today’s post, we will give you a few ideas on how to combat the summer slump and get your child up and moving!

At Today’s Life Schools and Childcare, we take pride in providing your child with top-of-the-line care and enriched programs that help to promote early childhood development. We offer a variety of programs that are tailored to your child’s needs, whether they are infants or getting ready to start kindergarten. In addition to our curriculum classes, we also offer enrichment programs and a summer program that encourages your child to try new things. Browse our website to learn more about our extensive programs, and schedule an appointment to check out Today’s Life Schools and Childcare in Brooklyn Park.

Turn off the Electronics

When given the option, children will automatically choose to watch TV instead of doing something more creative, so a simple solution to combat a plethora of TV throughout the summer is to turn it off. If you take away the option of watching TV or playing on electronics, your child will have to use their imagination to come up with ideas of how to fill their time.

If you have a child that is less than pleased about losing the TV and electronics, you can compromise by offering a designated amount of time each day that your child is allowed to watch TV, play video games, or use any electronic devices.

Make Exercise a Family Activity

When most people think of exercise, they think of going to the gym or going for a run. However, that’s not always the case. The best part about summer is that you can go outside and get exercise without actually realizing that you’re exercising. That being said, if you have a child that is resistant to spending some time playing outside, an easy way to ensure that he or she stays active is to make exercise a family affair! Things like going for a walk after dinner, going on a family bike ride, or playing frisbee at the local park are all fun activities that you can enjoy together as a family.

Set up Playdates

If your child is not being as active as you would like, an easy way to help him or her get up and moving is to schedule a playdate. As a child, it’s easy to become bored when you’re all alone, but having a friend to play with can create endless possibilities! Schedule a playdate at the neighborhood park, or invite a friend over to have a picnic outside. If you’re worried that both children will end up in front of the TV, have a few ideas on hand that will keep them occupied and out of the house.

Summer Daycare

As a parent, you may have other responsibilities that take up your time during the summer, and as such, it may be difficult for you to ensure that your child is staying active. Summer daycare and summer enrichment programs are the perfect way to give you peace of mind, knowing that your child is in good hands and staying active during the summer months. Luckily, if you’re in Brooklyn Park, Today’s Life Schools and Childcare offers a summer program that will provide your child with activities, in-house field trips, and more! You will have the freedom to tackle your responsibilities without having to worry about your child. If you are interested in learning more about Today’s Life Schools and Childcare, browse our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn Park location today!

Fun Ways To Get Your Child Outside: Part Two

Now that the weather is finally warming up, the outdoors are calling. While some children can’t wait to get outside, for others it may take a little convincing. In part one of our series, we gave you a few ideas of some activities that will get your child outside. In this next part, we will continue with a few more activities that may entice even the most resistant of kids.

At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, we strive to help promote early childhood development by providing children with the chance to engage with their environment and try new things. All of our teachers have a passion for education, and they work hard to create curriculums that will help your child grow. Whether your child is an infant or preparing for kindergarten, at Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, we have programs that cater to all levels. If you would like to learn more about our childcare services, contact us to schedule a meeting. In the meantime, continue reading below for fun activities that your child can do outside.

Build A Fort Outside

Does your child love to spend hours creating the perfect fort out of pillow and blankets? If the answer is yes, why not take your kiddo’s favorite activity outdoors? Give your child the challenge of finding things outside to make a fort. You can provide him or her with a few essentials like some rope and a tarp or blanket that you don’t mind getting dirty. The best part about using materials outside is that instead of taking it down at the end of the day, you can leave it up overnight! Your child will love spending hours building the perfect fort and using his or her imagination. Once the fort is complete, you and your kiddo can spend time playing castle or restaurant, or some other creative game.

Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Speaking of games, scavenger hunts or treasure hunts are perfect games that you can play outside! You can hide your child’s toys, fake gold coins, or even secret clues for your child to find all over the yard. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can offer to play along and create clues that will take you to other places away from your home, such as a nearby park, or make it a playdate that takes you to your child’s friend’s house. When it comes to scavenger or treasure hunts, the sky’s the limit! No matter how elaborate or simple you make the game, there’s no question that your child will have a blast.

Use Sidewalk Chalk

If you want to help your kid be creative and use his or her imagination, give them a piece of sidewalk chalk and let them go to town! Chalk is great because it will wash away with water, leaving you with a fresh canvas. Children spend a lot of time drawing pictures, but they will enjoy the chance to draw on the sidewalk or driveway as opposed to a normal piece of paper.

At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, promoting early childhood development in your kiddo is a large part of what we do. We create curriculums that are designed to help your child learn, while also catering to their need to move around and explore. Learn more about the programs we offer, and be sure to contact Today’s Life Schools & Childcare today!

Fun Ways To Get Your Child Outside: Part One

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to shed the heavy winter clothes and open up the windows. After spending the winter cooped up inside the house, there’s no question that your child is probably ready to spend as much time enjoying the fresh spring air as they can. At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, we try to provide your child with every opportunity to explore and try new things. We offer a variety of programs including Spanish lessons, enrichment programs, and more! In order to promote early childhood development, we try to create fun curriculums that challenge your child while making learning a fun experience. If you would like to learn more about Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, contact us today!

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and try new activities that will help your child to learn while also having fun. In part one of this multi-part series, we will give you a few ideas of some activities that will get your child exploring the outdoors.

Watch A Caterpillar Grow

Early spring is full of new life, and while your child may be too young to care for a small pet, one way to teach them responsibility is to care for a caterpillar. Not to mention, if you care for the caterpillar long enough, you may eventually be able to teach your child about how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly!

Start by going for a walk in the woods, a nearby park, or another area where you might be able to find a caterpillar. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt! Once you find a caterpillar, you and your child can put together a little habitat full of leaves, twigs, and a capful of water. An unused flower pot or a plastic container with holes make perfect homes for a caterpillar. After that, the rest is up to you!

Blow Bubbles

As an adult, you may not find blowing bubbles to be the most exciting of activities, but we guarantee that your child will love it! To a child, there’s something magical about seeing a bubble form mid-air right before their eyes. Your kiddo will be able to marvel at the rainbow of colors as the bubble floats through the air until it disappears.

You can either buy bubble mixture from the store or spend some time making your own with your kid. Once you have the bubble mixture, take it outside and use bubble wands to create giant bubbles. Make it a contest to see who can make the biggest bubble or whose bubble lasts the longest before popping.

Have A Picnic

Whether you have a long day of errands planned with just a small window for lunch, or you’re looking for something to mix up your schedule, a picnic is perfect for any situation! Instead of spending money on fast food while you’re out and about, you can pack a lunch for you and your child and stop at a park while you’re in town. There’s something really nice about eating outside, especially if it’s not something you do on a regular basis. Your child will love getting out of the house, and if you stop at a park with a playground, you can let your kiddo run around and play while you take a few minutes to catch up on emails or other necessary tasks.

There are just a couple ideas for how you and your child can get outside. If you’re looking for a way to ensure that your child is challenged and gets the chance to explore new things on a daily basis, Today’s Life Schools & Childcare can help! Contact us today to learn more.

The Benefits Of A Summer Enrichment Program

Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what your child will do once school is no longer in session. If you are a working parent, there are many options and ways to entertain your child during the summer months without disrupting your work schedule. One great option is a summer program through Today’s Life Schools & Child Care! At our childcare center, we love to combine learning with having fun, and our summer programs are a great way to do that! Not only will we give your child a solid, educational foundation, but we also have a variety of in-house field trips for everyone to enjoy! Learn more about our summer enrichment programs and sign up today!

Learning during the summer doesn’t sound like fun, and you may be worried that your child will be opposed to a summer learning program. In today’s post, we will take a look at a few of the benefits that are associated with attending a summer program as opposed to sitting at home. Continue reading below and be sure to check out the program offered by Today’s Life Schools & Child Care!

Promote Cognitive Development

The majority of the year, your child goes to school or daycare where he or she learns valuable life skills and is constantly improving his or her cognitive development. When the summer months roll around, they are no longer receiving that brain stimulation, which as a result, can lead to summer learning loss. Studies have shown that kids who don’t keep up with academics when school is no longer in session will lose as much as three months of basic skills. It’s no wonder that teachers spend the first few weeks of school reteaching what students learned the previous year.

As part of our summer enrichment program at Today’s Life, your child will continue to build on his or her educational foundation. We strive to make learning fun and to incorporate lessons with fun games and activities. Your child will have so much fun, he or she will never know that they are actually learning!

Develop Social Skillskids avoid getting sick

During the school year, your child has many opportunities to socialize with other children, however, that may not always be the case once school is no longer in session. When children are bored, they tend to turn to mobile devices or television in order to find stimulation. While this solution may cure the boredom, it does nothing to help develop social skills.

If you enroll your child in a summer enrichment program, he or she will have ample opportunities to socialize with other children of the same age! Instead of wasting hours in front of a screen, your child will spend time learning, participating in field trips, and getting to experience new things with other children.

Encourage Physical Activity

It’s no question that young children need to be up and moving at what seems to be all hours of the day. Summertime brings warm weather and endless opportunities to move, dance, and play. In our summer enrichment program, we take advantage of the warm weather and use it as an excuse to have activities outside and to give your child plenty of time to get rid of his or her endless energy.

At Today’s Life Schools & Child Care, we promote learning and cognitive development in a fun way. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our summer program, contact us today! We look forward to working with your child soon.