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What Are Some Great Winter Activities for Kids?

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The winter doesn’t have to be a time to hunker down indoors and stay warm. There is plenty to do and see, even if the weather is a bit crisper than you would like. It doesn’t seem like kids even notice the cold if they’re having fun, anyway. Here are some fun winter activities you can do with the kids.


Sledding is an old classic. There’s nothing better than zooming down the hill on your platform of choice. Just make sure that you go to a hill that’s safe, and that everyone is bundled up properly, since there will be much time spent in the snow. Smaller children should only ride with an adult.


Skiing is great fun for the whole family. You can go cross-country skiing as a group, or go downhill skiing on the appropriate skill-level hill. It may seem difficult for those who haven’t tried, but after a quick lesson, everyone can get the hang of it quickly.


Snowboarding is like skateboarding on the snow. Lots of kids love this activity because it gives the opportunity to try out tricks and stunts. Kids as young as 5 can strap on a board, but this activity is a favourite for tweens and teens. They have the muscles and the balance to stretch the limits of what they can do.

Snow Angels

This one is good for kids (and adults) of all ages. Make sure everyone is wearing a full snowsuit, and get them to flop down in the snow on their backs. Then they can move their arms above their head and their legs back and forth. For more fun, you can decorate the angels with fun colors and even clothes.

Don’t stay inside all winter. Brave the cold and enjoy all their is to do with your family.