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10 Outdoor Labor Day Activities for Kids

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Labor Day is the last weekend before September kicks into gear…celebrate with these great summer activities! These active crafts and games are best done outside, which makes them perfect for keeping kids busy while you man the grill. Have a great Labor Day!
Lemonade StandNothing says summer like a lemonade stand. Grab a big cardboard box and get started!

Painting on the Fence for ToddlersHead outside to do some painting with your toddler. It’s fun for them and cleanup is easy: just hose off the fence–and the toddler, too!

Mud Pie KitchenSometimes, the very best art material is found in your backyard. Collect thrift store finds or old kitchen utensils and make a bakery full of mud pies!Backyard Car Paint and Wash

Painting things that don’t normally get painted is so much fun for children. Throw a car wash on top of that and you have some pretty excited kids…and a whole lot of laughs!Paint with your Feet!

Sure, kids know all about finger painting. But have they ever painted…with their feet? (This is definitely an outdoor activity!)

Water Balloon Yo-yo

This activity is sure to bring lots of giggles–and a whole lot of splashing.

Stick Quoits

Quoits is one of the oldest games. That doesn’t make it any less fun! This version uses ingredients you can find outside. Make and play it at the lake, in the woods…and certainly in your own backyard.

Mini Piñatas

Kids love to make and break these adorable mini piñatas!

One-of-a-Kind Bubble Bottle

Kids will have a blast blowing bubbles with this one-of-a-kind bottle.

Shaving Cream Bakery

Shaving cream play is a great sensory activity for young children. This activity adds a layer of imaginative play that makes it fun for everyone!


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