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Escape The Cold With These Activities for Your Kids

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It is a pretty safe bet that if you send kids outside to play, and they are having fun, they will stay out there for hours. The fact that it is cold outside may never even occur to them. However, parents know that it can be dangerous for a child to be out too long in the elements if it is very cold out. Luckily, there are games they can play inside when it is time to come in from the cold. Here is a selection of activities kids can do inside when winter gets to be too much.

Hunt For Treasure

Treasure hunting has stood the test of time as a great activity for kids. It can be a very simple game to organize. Simply hide something in the house, and let them loose to go find it. Make sure to set out rules and boundaries so the kids do not get into too much mischief.

Board Games

Board games are another classic activity to keep your kids’ brains occupied. There are so many to choose from. It is always a good idea to have a selection on hand for any situation.


Making collages is something that kids love to do. They get to cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers, and tell a story with them. They can pick out things that are meaningful to their lives, or just things that make them happy.

Card Games

There are many classic card games that you can teach to your kids to keep their minds occupied. They will learn to strategize and also improve their math skills.


Creating art is something kids will always love to do. It can be as simple as getting out some brushes and paints and letting them get to work. For some added fun, hand out some finger paints and watch the messy creativity unfold.


Puzzles are great because you can get them to suit any age. There are puzzles for toddlers, and puzzles for older kids who need a challenge. Buy a puzzle with their favorite cartoon character on it, or you can even get one custom made from a photo.

As you can see, there is so much to do inside when the weather is cold. So, bring those kids in to have some fun.

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