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The Top Back to School Tips for Parents

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Summer coming to an end means one thing: it is back to school season. It’s an exciting time, but many students dread the return of a new school year because it can be very stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience for your children, as there are ways that you as a parent can help make the transition from a relaxing summer break to a busy new school year a smooth one.

Make Mornings Easy

Starting your children off on a peaceful morning routine can result in a relaxing yet focused day for them at school. To start, make sure you are up and ready at least 20 minutes before your children. It’s smart to plan their outfits and breakfast so they don’t feel rushed and anxious before the school day has begun. You should also implement a “no electronics” rule before bed and right away in the morning to avoid any distractions that can cause them to delay the newly established routine.

Get Them the Right School Supplies

Make sure you are reviewing the list of supplies that are provided by the school or a new teacher. Your children must have access to them from day one. This emphasizes the importance of preparation, and your child will surely do much better school the more prepared they are. You can make the shopping experience more positive for your child by splurging a little bit on a fun folder or notebook. This makes the object much more exciting to use and your child will cherish it over the first option.

Establish Consistent Regiment for Homework

A full school day isn’t short, so it can be hard to get your children to do their homework immediately following their home arrival. This can make them feel burnt out the minute they get home. If they wait too late into the night, they might not have enough time to finish their homework. This could lead to the development of bad behaviors such as procrastination or not doing the work at all. To avoid burning your children out, you should give them a short rest period before they start their homework. A substantial half-hour break right after they arrive from school is the perfect amount of downtime. Make sure your child has a clean workspace and can easily access the utensils (pens, markers, etc.) necessary for getting the work done.

Update Your Calendar

While many schools and school districts provide an academic schedule that highlights key events, it is vital to highlight your children’s homework due-dates. Some teachers will give a monthly or weekly calendar, but that can change. Ask your children about more significant projects and make them on your schedule. The more you’re made aware of their schoolwork, the more accountable the child will feel for its completion.