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Fun Places to Take Kids in Brooklyn Park

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As a parent it might seem hard to get your kids out of the house and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you reside in the Brooklyn Park area, lucky for you there are plenty of options to bring your kids for a fun day outdoors. Residents of Brooklyn Park have the privilege of the extensive Three Rivers Park system within minutes of their home.

Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park

What sets the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park apart from the other parks on this list is the fact that it provided power and electricity to the area from 1913 to 1966. Located in both Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids, this popular park boasts over 160 acres defined by our nation’s mightiest river, the Mississippi. The dam has been converted into a walkway for both pedestrians and bicyclists, so you can enjoy a stroll along the river. The dam also connects to various trails for exploring the natural landscape bordering the river.

Elm Creek Park Reserve

Spreading over 4,900 acres, Elm Creek Park Reserve is the largest park in the Three Rivers Park system. In addition to Brooklyn Park, Elm Creek covers areas of Maple Grove, Champlin and Dayton. There are plenty of trails you can bring your kids on, but there are also many activities this reserve has to offer. From spotting natural wildlife, tubing down the snow-covered hills, or swimming in the man-made sandy beach, this park can make for a great family trip during any time of the year.

Bunker Hills Regional Park

Located in Coon Rapids, the Bunker Hills Regional Park offers plenty of exciting activities for the kids and family. If you want to introduce your kids to camping, you can utilize the site’s campground. There is also a waterpark and wave pool, a golf course and plenty of trails for you to explore!