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How to Help Your Kids Socialize With Others

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Children come with all types of personalities. Some are chatty and outgoing, and others are quiet and introspective. Some even get nervous and anxious at just the thought of talking to others. There are ways to help kids who are afraid of socializing, however. Here are some tips.

Practice Makes Perfect

For some kids, being social comes naturally. For others, it’s a skill that has to be developed. For those kids, practice can make a big difference. Do some role-playing so they can get used to and remember things to say, and questions to ask new people they might come across at school or on the playground.

Demonstrate Friendship-Building

You might think it’s easy to create lasting friendships with people who you care about, but your child might not. Talk to them about how you treat and interact with your friends, so they can build the skills they will need to keep new friendships and help them flourish.


Along with practice, you can role-play to help them prepare for specific situations. For instance, if your child is going to a birthday party, work on the social norms, such as wishing a happy birthday to the host.

Provide Opportunities

It is never a bad idea to get your child out into the world and allow them to interact with other children regularly. That might mean joining a playgroup, or certain extracurriculars. Activities like dance or vocal training can help with confidence as well. Kids can also benefit from watching how other kids socialize with each other, so that they can pick up some skills that way.

Some kids who have trouble socializing are simply shy, and just need to grow out of it or learn to live with it. For others, there may be an underlying issue that should be examined by a pediatrician. If you are concerned, call your child’s doctor to address it.