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How to Keep Kids Learning Through the Summer

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Lets’ face it, the big draw to summertime for kids is that they do not have school. Even the kids who love school still enjoy the break, and a chance to turn off their brains for a while. As parents, we might not necessarily want them to fully turn off their brains, however. Here are some ideas to help kids keep learning through the summer, even if they don’t know they are doing it.

Hit the Library

Gather up the whole family and head to the library. Most libraries aren’t just about books. There are many things to enjoy that are all educational. Not only that, but you can foster a love or reading by sharing books with each other, reading aloud, and talking about why you’ve each chosen the books that you have.

Family Field Trips

The summer is the perfect time to visit exciting places where kids can also learn. These spots include museums of all sorts, from art to history, science centers, and even factories. Kids can learn about how products such as chocolate are made, and still get to sample it after. These trips, much like the ones they take at school, will foster engagement and lead to discussions and learning.

Cook Together

During the school year, things can be incredibly hectic with balancing school, work schedules, extra-curriculars, and social lives. In the summer, there is more time to spend together. A great way to combine that with learning skills is through cooking. Not only can kids experience a valuable life skill, but it also helps with math, and even science. You can also choose themes for meals, and provide interesting historical and social context to the meals you make.

These are just a few of the many ideas you can use throughout the summer to get your kids engaged and interested in learning. They do not have to shut those brains off all summer.