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6 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids Camping This Summer

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The warm summer weather is perfect for spending hours in the great outdoors, whether that be at the park, in your front yard, or even on a hike. That being said, one of the best ways to fully appreciate nature is to take your family on a summer camping trip! In addition to getting some fresh air and quality time with nature, there are many benefits to taking your kids camping, and in today’s post, we will cover a few good reasons to plan a camping trip this summer.

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Your Child Will Learn New Skills

When you go camping, you can’t just turn on the stove and heat up dinner or go for an easy walk around the block. Camping is an entirely different type of living, and in order to fully enjoy the experience, your child will need to learn new skills such as starting a fire or pitching a tent. Learning these new skills will help your child to better understand themselves and it will also help to encourage early childhood development. In fact, some of the skills that your child may learn on your family camping trip could help them later in life.

Camping is Affordable

Many families prefer going on camping trips because camping is more affordable. Think about other family trips that you have gone on in the past. Gas, hotel, food, and souvenirs are just a few of the expenses that you may encounter on a typical family vacation. Granted, those expenses will go up depending on the type of vacation. If you already have all the camping gear you need, it’s easy to keep costs low. Not to mention, when you go on vacation, your child probably wants to buy every little souvenir or trinket that they see, but with camping, there are no gift shops.

Your Kiddo gets the Chance to Disconnect

In today’s society, children rely on technology for many things, including entertainment and learning. If you’re looking for a way to help your little one disconnect from a world filled with technology, then camping is the perfect solution! Electronic games and mobile devices feel out of place in the great outdoors, not to mention you will be hard-pressed to find an outlet to charge your devices.

Camping Encourages Creativity

Because your child won’t be able to use their electronics, they will be forced to find new things to entertain themselves, which may require the use of their imagination. Hiking and exploring is a great way to fill the time. You can even encourage them to set up a hammock and enjoy a nice book, or share stories around the campfire. Without screens or their endless mountains of toys, your kiddo will be forced to come up with new games and find new ways to spend their time.

You Get to Spend Quality Time as a Family

Another great benefit of a summer camping trip is that you get to bond as a family. We mentioned above that your child won’t have any electronics to entertain themselves, and the same thing goes for the parents! Without the noise of the television or the constant email reminders, your entire family will get to talk and interact without interruptions. As a result, you may find that the time together brings you closer.

It’s Fun!

If for no other reason, you should take your kids camping because it is fun! There’s nothing better than falling asleep in a tent to the smell of the campfire and waking up to birds chirping outside. Your child will get to try things that they may have never tried before, and your entire family will get a break from your normal lives.

Camping is a great way to encourage early childhood development, and once you return from your trip, the learning doesn’t have to stop! At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, we work hard to provide your child with many opportunities to learn. Visit our website or give us a call today!