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How to Get Your Kids Motivated After a Long Winter Break

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The winter break is a time to relax and spend time with family, but it can also be challenging to motivate kids to return to school. After weeks away from their friends and teachers, many students feel they need more motivation and preparation for the work ahead. So if you’re struggling to get your child excited about returning to school, don’t worry – we have some tips!

1. Start by setting a positive tone. The winter break can be daunting and overwhelming if you approach it with the wrong mindset, so start positively for the return to school. Encourage your child to see this as an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and get excited about new challenges. Remind them that they are ready for whatever comes their way this year and can accomplish anything with hard work.

2. Make a plan to get back into the routine. When kids come home from winter break, everything is different. They are used to sleeping in and staying up late, eating food they don’t usually get during the school year, and having much more free time. To help them get back into a routine and prepare for the challenges ahead, create a plan with your child to ease themselves back into the school year. For example, you can set weekly goals and check-in times so that you both know what to expect each day or week ahead.

3. Use technology to help stay connected. Technology is a great way to keep your kids motivated after the break. Many schools, teachers, or other students will have online platforms where you and your child can access information about homework, upcoming assignments, and more. If your school doesn’t offer this, consider creating an account on one of these sites for you and your child to access. Not only will this allow you both to stay organized and on top of assignments, but it can also help spark excitement about learning new things!